oduSEELS has been an extremely effective aid for our port management course at ODU. It has enhanced the learning process for our students with countless opportunities for a creative, easy and fast development of complex facilities and simulation scenarios MYMIC’s technical team has been outstanding and is very knowledgeable and responsive.
Sara Russell
Lecturer – Maritime and Supply Chain Management, Old Dominion University

TTeamYour simulated safety video allows our personnel to become familiar with the environment they are about to work in, identify potential hazards they will encounter, and commit to memory visual steps to avoid injury . It’s done in a computer game setting, which is engaging for both our younger employees and seasoned veterans alike. Industrial, construction and marine companies alike would benefit from having your simulated safety video as a part of their orientation process.

Dave Breen
Trade Team | General Manager

Port of VAI look forward to the benefit the MYMIC Port Safety Awareness Training tool will contribute to our safety security and environmental awareness efforts.

Ed Merkle
Director of Port Security and Emergency Operations

Ports AmericaWe look forward to including the Ports America Terminal Induction and Safety Training with new employee orientation materials.

John Esposito
Ports America

… through the first 4 months of 2013 there has been a clear reduction in accident severity and number of occurrences when compared to 2012. 1. Reduction in injuries/ incidents 2. Reduction in lost workdays 3. Reduction in lost productivity.

Trade Team