Scalable End-to-End Logistics Simulation The Scalable End-to-End Logistics Simulation (SEELS™) architecture supports modeling end-to-end logistics for use in planning, analysis, and experimentation. SEELS™ is a scalable, nodal, and programmable architecture that allows a user to:

  • Define the item (cargo/bulk/person) entity level used in the simulation
  • Scale level of fidelity (as required) to model a node
  • Define the handling processes for a node

SEELSSEELS™ can be used to model item flow through any terminal or logistical node, either military or commercial. The definition of a node is limited only by the user’s requirements.  This means that a node may be an entire seaport or a single fueling point along a highway. A set of nodes can then be linked via different transportation modes to model a complete, multimodal logistical operation as a logistical network or flow.   Separate logistical operations can be linked to form an integrated, highly scalable, network-of-networks model.


Features include:

  • Nodal Cargo Terminal Architecture
  • User-defined Programmable Processes
  • Multimodal Transportation Modeling Ability
  • User-defined Entity-level Fidelity
  • High-performance Simulation
  • Rapid Analysis


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