MYMIC Introduces Port Safety Awareness Training

Portsmouth, VA, 14 June 2012

MYMIC LLC, a high-technology products and services company introduces the newest weapon designed to save lives at ports- Port Safety Awareness Training. Injury/accident rates among shoreside marine cargo handling employees are more than twice that of construction and general industry. MYMIC has developed a unique solution with the launch of the Port Safety Awareness Training Course; designed to improve retention of training material up to 70% and change behaviors for all port workers. The course supports OSHA maritime training requirements, standards and guidelines. The web-based training is interactive, immersive and engaging which enhances learning and dramatically improves retention resulting in fewer safety and security incidents, with the ultimate goal of “zero incidents”. MYMIC’s training is unique in that it addresses the four primary training areas of Safety, Security, HAZMAT and environmental awareness in a single turn-key application that is available 24-7. MYMIC’s Goal is to offer a wide range of training and learning, product environments that will lead to ZERO incidents by utilizing the latest state of the art technologies, platforms and distribution methods. MYMIC offers immersive training and learning environments for web-enabled virtual worlds, 2 & 3D models and serious gaming.

MYMIC LLC has been recognized annually since 2008 by Military Training and Technology Magazine (MT2) as a top Simulation and Training Company. MYMIC LLC is headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia, with offices in Alexandria and Orlando, FL and presence in Suffolk, VA, Atlanta,GA and Leavenworth, KS.

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