MYMIC Announces Grand Opening of International Hub In Germany

Portsmouth, VA, 29 June 2012- MYMIC LLC announced today that it is opening a new sales office in Munich, Germany. MYMIC has selected CaRo SALESMEN GbR to expand its sales and marketing operations in Germany and other parts of Europe to present Scalable End to End Logistic Simulation (SEELS) software to support logistics, planning and analysis for ports, and their Port Safety Awareness Training simulation products utilizing new cutting edge technology found in online games as solutions to save lives at ports.

MYMIC is an advanced technology development service business which markets solution software products that use state-of-the-art modeling and simulation including , web-enabled virtual worlds, 2 & 3D models and serious gaming and distribution methods.

Scalable End-to-End Logistics Simulation (SEELS™) is MYMIC’s proprietary premier simulation technology product that models cargo flow with a high level of fidelity for any complex logistical network to create a blueprint for best-case profitability. The unique SEELS user interface allows for easy identification and definition of Business Rules alternatives to support decision-making.

MYMIC’s Port Safety Awareness Training is a unique virtual world, interactive simulation designed to improve retention of training material up to 70% and change behaviors for all port workers. The web-based simulation training is interactive, immersive and engaging and dramatically improves retention resulting in fewer safety and security incidents.

MYMIC LLC has been recognized annually since 2008 by Military Training and Technology Magazine (MT2) as a top Simulation and Training Company. MYMIC LLC is headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia, with offices in Alexandria, VA, and Orlando, FL.

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