Modeling and Simulation Services

  • Consulting & SMEs:
    MYMIC leverages its knowledge and network of world class SMEs to recommend the most appropriate information technology.
  • Custom Solutions:
    Where current solutions do not exist or are ineffective, MYMIC combines experience with innovation to conceptualize, design, test and implement inventive solutions.
  • Requirements & Technology Need-Based Analyses:
    MYMIC works with customers to identify organizational environment and goals. MYMIC provides recommendations on structure, processes, systems and devices to best achieve those goals.
  • Project Management & Support:
    MYMIC is a proven provider of expertise to organizations and projects across the United States.modsim2
  • Software Engineering:
    MYMIC develops new, best of breed solutions or recommends cost effective modifications to meet operational and system requirements.
  • Courseware Development:
    MYMIC develops training and educational modules, translating performance requirements and objectives into integrated training. Our products achieve objectives, provide feedback and support experiential learning.
  • Custom M&S Development
    We offer custom development from the ground up or customization of our current products to meet your company’s training needs. Contact us for a free quote.
    • 3D Models
    • Characters
    • Animations
    • Virtual Worlds
    • Virtual Tours
    • Scenario Visualization
    • Learning Enriched Virtual Environment (LEVE)™