War Gaming, Analytic and Technical Support Services

MYMIC, in concert with its Prime, assists the Joint Staff, J8 Directorate with analytic, strategic, technical, managerial, and administrative support to enhance the Joint Staff’s mission and total force readiness.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) consists of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), the Vice Chairman, the Chief of Staff of the Army, the Chief of Naval Operations, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Chief of the National Guard Bureau.  The Joint Staff (JS) supports the CJCS in executing his Title X duties to assist the President and Secretary of Defense by providing independent military advice for the strategic direction, strategic planning, contingency planning and preparedness of the Armed Forces.  To assist the CJCS in his duties, the J8 performs detailed, timely and verifiable assessments of threats and capabilities to establish realistic goals for U.S. defense spending, ensuring linkage between future U.S. military force structure and national objectives. The focal point for J8’s analysis of defense capabilities needs, when coupled with the potentially revolutionary impact of technology and increasingly constrained budget authority, is the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC).  J8 provides much of the assessment underpinnings for the council’s review of defense resource policy on a myriad of items ranging from precision strike capabilities to the designation of advanced concepts technology demonstrations, and analyzes the associated service budgets and programs.

As part of its support, MYMIC and the team provide the Joint Staff J8 with war fighting analysis, war gaming, interagency politico-military seminars and simulations to assess the ability of the programmed force to execute the National Military Strategy.  Furthermore, we support the Joint Staff J8 in the development and support of quantitative analytical models used in war fighting analyses of current and future forces.

JS J6 – Information Network Support Services (JSINSS)

Since August 2013, MYMIC LLC and its prime vendor have supported the Joint Staff (JS) Directorate for Command, Control, Communications and Computers/Cyber (JS J6) with; Information Technology (IT) support for the Joint Staff (JS) and the JS Information Network (JSIN) enclaves to support IT Service Desk; Knowledge Engineering; Network Operations, Systems Integration; Cable Plant and Surge Support with the goal of transitioning to Enterprise Services.  As a team, we provide the JS J6 with an internal Information Technology (IT) Enterprise which provides administrative computing services to the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Vice and Assistant Chairman and their support staffs, the JS Director, and the majority of civilian and military personnel, and support contractors assigned to the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, Crystal City, Hampton Roads and several smaller support sites.  The Joint Staff network supports a high concentration of high visibility customers at the Pentagon and supported sites.

JS J7 – Joint and Coalition Warfighting (JCW) Support (formerly JWFC)

MYMIC is proud to be a member of the Joint and Coalition Warfighting Support Team providing the DD J7 training and development of joint, interagency, and multinational capabilities in order to meet the present and future operational needs of the Joint and Coalition force. As a sub-contractor for the JCW, we help deliver affordable and innovative program management and joint force development support in the form of: collective and individual training, joint and coalition operational analysis, concepts, solution evaluation, doctrine, and training enterprise architecture. Support is provided primarily from the JCW in Suffolk, Va. and is simultaneously performed at multiple locations worldwide by forward deployed support elements.

Joint Staff J6 C4 Assessments Division

Since 2009, MYMIC, and its prime, have provided the Joint C4ISR Systems Integration support to the Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) Assessment Division (C4AD) of Joint Staff J6 to conduct assessments of capabilities to achieve interoperable and integrated solutions that satisfy joint operational requirements. The J-6 represents the Joint Warfighter in support of the command, control, communications, and computers/cyber (C4) requirements validation and capability development processes while ensuring joint interoperability. To further this effort, the J-6 promulgates guidance and provides functional expertise to the Chairman in order to shape the joint information environment. Additionally, as the Joint Staff Chief Information Officer (CIO), the J-6 provides business class Information Technology (IT) services and support to the Chairman and the entire Joint Staff.