JS-J8 Functional Capabilities

MYMIC LLC selected for Functional Capability Board (FCB) Pentagon Recompete Contract potentially valued at $23.5 Million


MYMIC has led the FCB Support Service contract within the Joint Staff J8 since September 2009 and won its re-compete in September 2012. MYMIC provides technical expertise across the spectrum of FCB functional areas and supports the organization, analysis, and prioritization of joint warfighting capabilities within an assigned functional area of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process.  As part of MYMIC’s support, our FCB analysts provide assessments and recommendations that enhance capabilities integration, examine joint priorities among existing and future programs, assess program alternatives, minimize duplication of effort throughout the Services and provide oversight in the management of materiel and non-materiel changes. MYMIC also supports analysis of required capability evaluations through assessments and studies to support the analytical underpinning for developing and refining issues that support Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) recommendations.

There are currently six (6) chartered FCBs as follows:

Battlespace Awareness (BA) FCB Support

Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) Cyber FCB Support

Force Application (FA) FCB Support

Force Protection (FP) FCB Support

Force Logistics (FL) FCB Support

Force Support (FS) FCB Support
The FCBs support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in his US Code Title 10 responsibilities of providing independent military advice to the Secretary of Defense. FCBs provide the assessments and recommendations required for the JROC to validate and prioritize (if required) joint military capabilities needed to comply with the guidance provided by the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), National Defense Strategy (NDS), Guidance for Development of the Forces (GDF), Guidance for Employment of the Force (GEF) and National Military Strategy (NMS). FCBs serve as the link between Services, combatant commands, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Combat Support Agencies (CSAs) on warfighting capabilities and issues.