Quality Assurance

All MYMIC projects will include QA activities as an integral part of processes used for the development and delivery of products/services. To that end, Project Managers, in conjunction with the QA Manager, will ensure that:

• Quality Assurance goals are reasonable and can be supported.

• Continual improvement effort is supported.

• All quality control and quality measurement activities are documented.

• For each project a QA Lead is designated. He or she is be responsible for Quality Assurance on their project and will interface with the MYMIC Operations Manager on QA matters.

• The Project Manager and Corporate Leadership will periodically and regularly review Quality Assurance activities.

• Quality Assurance processes will be used to foster constructive communication, provide feedback to detect and prevent development problems, control risks, discuss alternative solutions, and ensure quality is integrated into all products and services.


MYMIC has a devised a comprehensive QA Plan template that establishes a common approach to performing Quality Assurance activities on MYMIC projects. It applies to MYMIC as well as subcontractor and consultant personnel assigned to the project. This policy is applicable across all MYMIC projects. Traditional systems/software projects may impose a more detailed software or systems development centric QA process, if necessary, to meet customer QA requirements. The project QA plan template addresses the following QA and Risk Management topics:

•  MYMIC QA organizational structure

•  Management Roles and Responsibilities

•  Standards identification

•  Coaching and mentoring activities

•  Audits and reviews to be conducted

• Documentation required

• Problem reporting and resolution

• Tools, techniques and methods

•  Quality Assurance measures

•  Subcontractor/Consultant control

•  QA training

•  Risk Management philosophy

•  Risk Management roles and responsibility

•  Risk Management approach

•  Risk Management support tools