Complex Incident Response Training Simulation – CIRTS

CIRTS™ is a scenario-based exercises that addresses the player interacting with the environment and making critical decisions based on their surroundings.

The system was designed originally for training combat medics and corpsmen on site management and tactical combat casualty care at the point of an IED engagement.

CIRTS™ allows the individual medic or emergency personnel to develop his/her abilities through realistic and increasingly more challenging medical and operational situations.


Features include:

  • Set and control the training conditions based on trainee expertise
  • Develop training using the crawl, walk, run approach
  • Assess performance in ever–changing conditions and environments (ramp up or down)
  • Leverage game–based technology


CIRTS™ is available in two modes:

  • Standalone System- to train specialists and small teams.
  • Plug-in System- to support existing and new game based training systems.