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MYMIC Technology Solutions offers dynamic and immersive training environments that are designed and built around proven training methods while incorporating sophisticated gamification techniques to engage and improve the training experience.



lmmersive Learning Features

  • Management-Based Training

Learn, Practice and Apply your skills In our exciting management style game experience. Take your digital operators through customized guided and solo training to prepare them for work and then play the role of safety manager and ensure that operations run smoothly and safely using the proper training.

  •  Tour-Based Training

Engage your operators with a fully immersive 3d touring experience. Guide them through various locations and functions within your customized environment while reviewing and testing their knowledge of these locations and procedures to have them prepared before they start!

  • Game-Based Training

Challenge your operators within a Game Show styled learning environment that keeps everyone on the edge of their seat. Take your training material and add the excitement and fun of a well understood setting that embodies the benefits and advantages of gamified training.


Virtual Training

We have developed a family of systems that support critical decision making learning through interaction within an immersive, detailed environments, and created solutions that train globally distributed teams in an immersive, avatar based, virtual environment.

Safety training is a results-driven experience. Results of effective safety training include reduced costs and profitability impacts associated with accidents and injuries. MYMIC conducts post implementation evaluations, where it has revealed for one company, our customized training helped reduce accident severity and number of occurrences within a one-year period for them.


Modeling and Simulation for Training

Using Modeling and Simulation (M&S) for training exercises makes it possible to train in highly realistic virtual environments for exercises that are impractical or too costly to conduct in live settings. Our training products provide experiential learning to trainees without the costly, and often dangerous, real-world consequences.

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Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling is an important part of understanding and restructuring the activities and information a typical enterprise uses to achieve its business goals. With a MYMIC Business Process Modeling you can model, document and restructure those processes.

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