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The Best Paper Committee is composed of representatives from government, industry, and academia.  Each subcommittee will nominate a paper as a candidate for the Best Paper Award for the current I/ITSEC Conference.   The Best Paper committee then selects the winner from the best paper nominations submitted by the Education, Emerging Concepts and Innovation technologies, Human Systems Engineering, Policy Standards Management and Acquisition, Simulation, and Training Subcommittees.  The committee uses defined criteria in the evaluation of the nominated papers for the selection of the best overall paper winner for that year’s I/ITSEC. The selection of the best paper represents the culmination of the I/ITSEC Conference, and to be nominated is considered an honor in the industry.  Congratulations for being nominated for the paper entitled:


Exploration of Soldier Morale Using Multi-method Simulation

Approach (14215) (Simulation) Mariusz Balaban, Thomas

Mastaglio, Ph.D., MYMIC, LLC; John Sokolowski, Ph.D., Barry

Ezell, Ph.D., Old Dominion University




Southampton, UK – MYMIC’s Marina Safety Awareness Training won yesterday the 2014 Innovation Showcase Award for Training at Seawork International – the largest and fastest growing commercial marine and work-boat event to be held in a European working port. The award is focused on applications and solving problems. Now in its 17th year, Seawork attracts over 520 exhibitors and 7327 visitors from all over the world. ‘Spirit of Innovation’ is a contest promoted by Seawork to exhibitors who, in the past 12 months, have introduced innovative products or services. “The Innovation Showcase Award is a source of great pride to our company, and shows our dedication to introducing cutting edge technology to the maritime industry. In this case an innovative approach to maritime training.” said Dr. Thomas W. Mastaglio – MYMIC Global Managing Director. DSC_0038


The winning, Marina Safety Awareness Training, product leverages the benefits of game based training where trainees interact with a virtual marina. This product has been a game changer in the United States and Canada, is now launching in Europe. About MYMIC Global – MYMIC Global provides simulation and 3D virtual environment based products and services to support training and analysis of alternatives/business decision-making. Immersive virtual environments provide a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient medium that provides enhanced learning and enables distributed users access to training anywhere, anytime. The user experiences training through interactive immersion that engages them in the learning process, increasing retention.   Learn more about MYMIC Global About the award: Contact us:




The US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI) conducts business surveys and research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community.

Each year, the USTCI panel identifies firms that have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields and achieved commercial recognition. MYMIC has been one of those selected this year (2014) and this award exemplifies that distinguished accomplishment. MYMIC has been recognized as a 2014 Virginia Excellence Award recipient.

“We are honored to have been chosen for an award by the USTC. This award helps validate what we do and our efforts in terms of innovation and best practices. We aim to provide the best in technology solutions and services that add incredible value to our clients” says Jay Bhatt MYMIC’s President & CEO.



The USTCI is a leading authority on researching, evaluating, and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet its stringent standards of excellence. It has spearheaded the idea of independent enterprise and entrepreneurial growth allowing businesses of all sizes to be recognized locally and encouraged globally.

Particular emphasis is given to meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for customer service, product quality and ethical practices. Industry leading standards and practices have been developed and implementation of the same has been pioneered by the dedicated efforts of the business community and commerce leadership.

More information on USTCI can be found at




Gamification is too often confused with gaming. Of course, gamification makes things more fun, but its real value lies in the increased engagement and motivation that it generates by stimulating users to go beyond their limits to ‘win’ something.

So let’s clarify:

Games vs. Gamification: gamification is not about points and badges on an activity, expecting it to become more engaging. Games, rewards programs, and gamification engage people on different levels and they have entirely different purposes.

• Games primarily engage players on a playful level to entertain them.
• Rewards programs primarily engage players on a transactional level to compensate them.
• Gamification engages players on an emotional level to motivate them.


Gamification has become an essential part of any digital business strategy as a way of digitally motivating people and overcoming barriers of scale, time, distance, connectedness and cost.

In the book “Gamify — How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things” (Bibliomotion, April, 2014), Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner, explains how to design an experience that touches people on an emotional, rather than transactional, level and motivates them to achieve their goals.

“Organizations should use gamification to empower their customers, employees, and communities to reach their goals. Gamification is about motivating people to achieve their own goals, not the organization’s goals,” says Burke. “Gamification is about rethinking motivation in a world where we are more often connected digitally than physically. It is about building motivation into a digitally connected world. And we are just getting started in this journey. Gamification will continue to develop for many years to come.”

The book, “Gamify — How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things” is published by Bibliomotion and available in any bookstore.

The opportunities are vast, with many yet to be exploited, but before embarking on the journey, a clear understanding of the opportunities and limitations of gamification is needed. Again, I couldn’t agree more, and I’m glad that we’re continually refining the true meaning — and the true business value — of gamification.

MYMIC has just finished the Virtual Control Room, a game-based, virtual environment to support NASA’s Langley Research Center developed by MYMIC this year.



Yesterday at ASTD, we shared our game-based training technology and showed that an effective training simulation can be better than experience as a learning tool.

After that, we gave away a $300 Visa Gift Card! Denise Ringer from St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany,NY was the bigger winner!

Denise, we hope you enjoy your gift!














More than ever, decision makers, solution providers and ModSim professionals have a need to innovate, adapt and evolve to respond to changing environments. With its newly enhanced format, MODSIM World 2014 connects individuals to the ModSim community and problems to solutions across disciplines and industries.

MYMIC will share modeling and simulation practices used for some of our clients – such as NASA and Pentagon – during the MODSIM World Conference this week. Cutting edge simulation based solutions to new complex problems!

The conference being held Tuesday through Thursday at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

Modeling and simulation technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives–how we plan, learn, manufacture, predict and even think. This exciting and pervasive world will be on full display at MODSIM World 2014.

We hope to see you there!

modsim141ModSim World 2014 Jason Dalton, an account executive at MYMIC, stands with an augmented reality device at the technology showcase of the MODSIM World Conference & Expo on Tuesday at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.