About Us

MYMIC-BuildingMYMIC is a high-technology company specializing in game-based learning, simulation, modeling and computer visualization solutions.  We combine practical expertise with the knowledge gained from research and experimentation to deliver innovative and practical solutions that our customers can rapidly implement.

Recognized for six consecutive years (since 2008) as Military Training Technology Magazine’s “Top Simulation and Training Company,” MYMIC delivers value-added, cutting-edge technology solutions and services in support of a diverse customer base with continually-growing requirements in areas like training, education, knowledge management, and cyber security.

Our immersive training simulations, which help engage employees in transferring knowledge of industry and job specific competencies, offer our customers the opportunity to significantly increase their company’s safety and operational efficiency.

Professional Software Engineering, Inc. (dba PROSOFT) has completed its acquisition of MYMIC, LLC (MYMIC). Effective 1 June 2019

MYMIC boasts extensive capabilities in the following areas:

ribbonCuttingMYMIC was founded in 2000 by Dr. Thomas Mastaglio, founding Executive Director of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC), and William L. Younger Jr., former Director of Marketing for VMASC.

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